Creating a Contact Schedule with Children After a Divorce

Syracuse family attorneyA common concern expressed to a San Diego divorce lawyer centers around how to make the transition easier for children.

San Diego Divorce Attorneys Will Provide Advice On Creating a Contact Schedule

Parents should keep the following tips in mind when putting a schedule together:

1) Try to create a set schedule.

While it might not seem necessary at the moment, having a schedule planned can avoid any uncomfortable situations that might arise with the other parent. If there is friction in the relationship, the lack of a schedule can turn into a problem.

2) Think about the interaction and schedules prior to the divorce.

If it is easier and feasible to maintain the same schedule, then that is a good idea. The children should come to the forefront and whatever makes the situation easier for them is preferable.

3) In most cases, it benefits the child to have contact with both parents following the end of the marriage.

If a parent is against the child having continued and consistent contact with the other parent, there should be a reason why. Unless there is a good reason such as a danger to the child, the parent who opposes contact will look petty and selfish. If there is a legitimate reason for one parent to be concerned about the other parent caring for the children, there can be supervision and limitations on the visits.

4) Both parents should have serious time and enjoyable time.

Both parents need to ensure they are parenting the child and not trying to curry favor by being lax with discipline due to guilt of the divorce. If there are fun activities like sports, the parents should also make an effort to participate.

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