Federal Criminal Defense With a San Diego Criminal Attorney

San Diego Criminal LawyerIndividuals who face federal criminal charges will want to work with an experienced San Diego criminal attorney. Federal offenses can be more complicated and difficult to defend than a state crime. In addition, you could face enhanced penalties and monetary fines.

Federal Crimes Explained by a San Diego Criminal Attorney

There are two broad categories of criminal acts that can lead to federal criminal charges:

  • Federal Crimes. The federal government has deemed certain crimes as national crimes. These can include crimes that have a wide-ranging impact like wiretapping and drug trafficking as well as white collar crimes like fraud and many financial crimes. An San Diego criminal attorney can explain to you that federal statutes will govern the elements and penalties for these crimes.
  • Crossing State Lines. Even if a crime does not violate a federal statute, a San Diego criminal attorney can explain to you that you may face federal penalties. For example, if you commit a crime in multiple states or the criminal act crosses several states, the federal government may charge you with a federal offense.

Types of Federal Crimes Where a San Diego Criminal Attorney Can Help

Some common types of federal crimes include:

  • Internet Crimes. Internet crimes can include a wide variety of crimes such as identity theft, fraud, fishing scams, and even child pornography.
  • Drug Crimes. Federal laws cover many drug crimes such as trafficking and manufacturing where there is intent to distribute across state lines.
  • Racketeering. Crimes that violate federal RICO laws that a San Diego criminal lawyer can assist you include conspiracy, bribery, and other crimes.
  • White Collar Crimes. These can include many non-violent crimes involving fraud and misrepresentation

Contact a San Diego Criminal Attorney

A federal crime can be difficult to defend as you may be faced off against hardened federal prosecutors and federal agencies with seemingly endless resources. That’s why it is important to work with an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer who can represent your interests and ensure your rights are not violated.

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