Getting Acquainted With Your San Diego DUI lawyer

San Diego DUI lawyerThe first meeting with your San Diego DUI lawyer may make you anxious. But don’t worry; the attorney will try to make you feel at ease and inform you of your options going forward.

What Lies Ahead

Your San Diego DUI lawyer will explain the details of the offense you have been charged with, including the allegations that the prosecution must prove in order to win a conviction. These are called the “elements.” If you know and have evidence that they will not be able to prove one of the elements, you may have a shot at an acquittal.

If this is your first encounter with the criminal justice system, your San Diego DUI attorney will explain how the system works and what you can expect from the processes of plea negotiation and alternative sentencing. It is important that you understand all these things well so that you can make the best choice going forward.

Understand the Consequences

Depending on the specific offense and the jurisdiction, the charges will have certain consequences for you. These can include:

  • Fines;
  • Minimum or maximum penalties assigned by law such as prison time;
  • Alcohol diversion or education programs as an alternative to prison sentencing;
  • Increased insurance premiums;
  • Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license; and
  • The possibility of civil damages if you caused any injuries or damage.

No matter how scared you are of the consequences, it is important that you understand the consequences of perjury, or making a false statement under oath. Your San Diego DUI attorney will tell you to testify truthfully and accurately it you take the trial. Committing perjury has serious consequences in addition to the loss of your credibility which will make it more difficult for you to defend yourself. If your attorney knows that you intend to lie on the stand, he or she will take certain steps to mitigate that risk.

In addition, you should make sure that you understand how the fee arrangement with your attorney works. There may be additional charges that you do not expect, so discuss any expenses or costs with your attorney.

If you have questions about how to approach your DUI defense, contact a San Diego DUI lawyer. Call Attorney James V. Hairgrove at 619-667-3743.

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