Information You Need for your DUI Defense

San Diego DUI LawyersAlthough the law treats drunk driving as a simple binary question – either the defendant was intoxicated or he/she was not – a San Diego DUI lawyer can tell you that the reality of alcohol absorption is that there are many factors that affect how a person processes alcohol and how much alcohol causes intoxication. These mechanics vary from person to person depending on physiology, the time and amount of drinking and even what else a person had to eat or drink.

Additionally, driving behavior and ability varies among people, and thus driving behavior is affected by alcohol to varying degrees depending on the person. This is something your San Diego DUI attorney will want to investigate about your case when it comes to establishing a DUI defense.Not all DUI cases are equal. When you retain a San Diego DUI lawyer, he or she will want to gather as much relevant information as possible about your case and any factors that might have influenced what happened. You never know what detail or fact will be relevant.

Personal Information

Your lawyer will first want to gather information about you and your physiology, such as your age, weight, height and ethnicity. Additionally, your occupation and whether you are exposed to chemicals in the workplace may be relevant. If you have a history of alcohol use, you should tell your lawyer at what age you began drinking and how frequently you drink. If you have visual or auditory problems such as nearsightedness, these may also be relevant.


It is critical that your San Diego DUI attorney establishes the timeline prior to your DUI arrest. When did you begin drinking, and when did you stop prior to getting into your car? How much did you drink, what kind and what concentration of alcohol? What food did you ingest prior to or near the time of your drinking? It may be difficult to remember all these details, but they may be relevant to your defense.

If you have more questions about DUI defense, contact San Diego DUI Attorney James V. Hairgrove at 619-667-3743.

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