San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Describes Evaluation of Cases

San Diego personal injury attorneyThere are several factors that need to be analyzed to determine the amount of damages a plaintiff should obtain in a personal injury case. Verifying the amount of insurance coverage available, collecting medical documents and retrieving the evidence needed to prove liability are some of the steps that are involved with building a strong case. A San Diego personal injury attorney possesses the skills needed to file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement with the parties responsible for your injuries.

Medical Records

Medical documents and bills help the attorney calculate your past, present and future expenses. The medical records provide information about your injuries, medical diagnosis and the treatment plan recommended by the physician. Your bills will state the cost of the tests, examinations, prescriptions and equipment that are required for your recovery. Reviewing your medical records will also reveal the full extent of the mental or physical limitations you have as a result of your injuries.

Proving Liability

If your injuries were caused by a product, you need to keep that item in your possession or give it to your attorney so that it can be preserved as evidence. If you were injured in an auto accident or on someone else’s premises, pictures taken at the location can be used to strengthen your case. The attorney or an investigator can interview witnesses and collect other types of evidence to assess how the accident was caused and who is responsible.

Insurance Company

The insurance company may contact you promptly after the accident if a claim was already filed by their policyholder. The insurer usually wants to expend a minimum amount of time and money to resolve the claim. Therefore, it is beneficial to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that you are aware of your rights prior to speaking with an insurance adjuster. An attorney will also make sure that your best interests are protected.

Consult a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a serious injury due to another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. Attorney James V. Hairgrove will evaluate your case and discuss your legal options. Call 619-667-3743 today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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