Understanding Divided-attention Questions During a DUI Investigation


San Diego DUI attorneyA San Diego DUI attorney can explain the concept of divided-attention questioning when it is used during a DUI investigation.

A San Diego DUI Lawyer Will Help You Understand the Interrogation

Before giving field sobriety tests, the investigating officer will usually interrogate the DUI suspect. This is considered part of the test because the officer is looking for telltale signs of intoxication. This can include slurring words or smelling of alcohol.

The driver will be questioned because the officer is also determining if there are physical issues that can make the field sobriety tests inaccurate or if the driver simply can’t perform the tasks.

Divided Attention Can Be Important in a DUI Investigation

The questions will help the officer decide how the driver fares when asked to perform tasks that involve divided attention. This means that the brain is doing two or more things at once. If a driver has been using alcohol, this becomes harder. Because driving involves multiple tasks, not being able to handle divided attention issues can be an indication of impairment.

A San Diego DUI Lawyer Will Explain What Divided Attention Tests Will Be Used

The following tests will be used:

1) The one-leg stand test will have the person stand on one foot with the other raised while counting out loud.

2) The finger count test will have the person touch the fingertips with the thumb and count out loud.

3) The walk-and-turn test will involve the driver walking heel to toe in a straight line, turning and walking back.

Other tactics the officer will use involve asking the driver to do more than one thing at a time like giving the proof of insurance and the driver’s license. Asking questions that would be considered unusual is another strategy frequently employed.

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