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Children Are Not Divorce-able

At California Law Centers, we can answer your questions about how courts decide child custody cases. In all aspects of custody and visitation, courts look for what will serve the child's best interests.

Legal Custody vs. Physical Custody

California law recognizes two types of custody. Physical custody refers to which parent has primary possession of the child. It generally relates to where the child lives the majority of the time. Legal custody relates to significant parenting decisions, such as where the child goes to school, discipline, medical care, etc. Physical and legal custody can be shared jointly or vested solely with one parent or the other.

Courts Determine How to Award Custody and Visitation

California courts, by statute, look at what is in the best interests of the child before entering custody or visitation orders. Courts look less at what the parents prefer and more at what will serve the child. Best interest factors may include which parent can provide a more wholesome, stable home life, foster a positive relationship with the other parent, and a variety of other considerations.  

A Discussion on Visitation Rights

Visitation is also called parenting time. In determining a parenting schedule, the courts will again look at what will best serve the interests of the child. Sometimes, a 50/50 split is warranted, sometimes not. Our experienced team will help you to navigate through this process. 

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