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Domestic Violence Defense With a San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

Assault and battery are serious criminal charges in California. However, when the alleged victim is a spouse or other family member, a San Diego domestic violence attorney can explain to you that you face enhanced penalties for criminal domestic violence. Often, someone convicted of criminal domestic violence can face jail time even for a first-time offense.

Fight for Your Innocence With a San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence issues are thorny. Often, a defendant may be falsely accused of criminal domestic violence as a part of gamesmanship in an ongoing divorce case or due to jealousy or anger in the course of a relationship. Also, a San Diego domestic violence attorney can tell you that many defendants act in self-defense as the alleged victim may strike first.

As a result, you will want an advocate on your side that can investigate the facts leading up to the incident. Also, you will want an experienced San Diego domestic violence lawyer who knows how to articulate your claim and can convince a jury of your innocence.

Laws Governing Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in California is a complicated area. Many different laws may apply. Some prevailing laws that a San Diego domestic violence attorney may deal with include:

  • Causing injury to a spouse or cohabitant.
  • Engaging in a domestic battery. A San Diego domestic violence attorney can explain that the category of potential victims can be quite broad, including parents, children, and significant others.
  • Abusing or endangering your children.
  • Abusing elderly members of the household.

These are just some laws that govern domestic violence. To learn more about the charges you may face, you will want to work with a San Diego domestic violence lawyer.

Contact a San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence is a serious charge. Whether you were charged with domestic violence or you were the victim, we can help guide you toward the best outcome possible. If you are going through a divorce and you have been a victim of domestic violence, you need an attorney to help you file a restraining order. If you have been accused of domestic abuse, you need an attorney who will defend your rights as you navigate the legal system.

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