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Adjuster Tricks & Authorization Forms

Posted by Attorney James Hairgrove | Aug 05, 2014 | 0 Comments

San Diego Personal Injury LawyerHow to Respond When Adjusters Request Signed Authorization Forms

Clients of a San Diego personal injury lawyer frequently have questions about the forms an insurance claims adjuster will ask the claimant to sign.

San Diego Personal Injury Attorneys Will Give Advice on How to Handle the Forms an Adjuster Requests Be Signed

Insurance claims adjusters will likely ask the claimant to sign a form authorizing the insurance company to examine the claimant's medical records. These forms give a great deal of leeway to the insurance company allowing them to look deeply into the claimant's medical records. They can look for medical issues that might have been present before the incident that spurred the lawsuit.

Claimants should hesitate before agreeing to sign these forms. Often, they do it without thinking or discussing it with their San Diego personal injury lawyer. In many instances, it is a matter of the claimant thinking that being agreeable with the adjuster will somehow speed the resolution of the case. It's not going to help, and it might hurt.

In other instances, the adjuster might try to convince the claimant that signing the forms will help everyone involved so the claims can be evaluated and validated.

Important Facts to Remember When Dealing With the Adjuster's Request

The claimant is not under any legal obligation to sign these papers. With a third party claimant seeking compensation, there is no condition requiring the claimant to be cooperative.

Claimants should:

1) Be reluctant to sign the medical authorization forms presented by the adjuster.

2) Refuse to give the adjuster full access to medical records without end.

3) Make certain that the insurer agrees that they will only examine medical costs and reports that are connected to the accident for which the claim has been filed.

4) Not give authorization indefinitely and make certain there are specified beginning and end dates.

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